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Only 1 in 20 leads are sales ready when they come in, are you maximizing the value of the other 19?

Lead generation is increasingly challenging.  Buyers are consistently expecting content that communicates your point of view on your market, quick answers to their questions, and the ability to fully assess your products and services prior to speaking with someone in sales.  So what can marketing do to build preference and drive new revenue?


We are a Marketing Automation & Digital Strategy consultancy dedicated to improving your marketing departments impact on annual revenue.


Do you have an effective process to convert site visitors from browsers to leads?

Do prospects receive real value from leaving their information with you?  Do they know exactly what to expect when they do, or are they too concerned with getting non-relevant emails to take the first step?


Are your leads properly scored and segmented?

Since most likely your prospects come to you with different motivations, and may be interested in different products or services, segmenting them based on interest and behavior is key to be able to effectively nurture your leads down the funnel.


Do you know your levers to actually improve a lead score?

While scoring leads is critical to effective funnel management; knowing the levers to actually improve a lead score is how you see measurable growth in both quantity and quality of sales ready leads.


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