Hello !  Firstly, thanks for visiting us here at Magnamarketing.com.  Our names are Peyton Smith & Adam Blake; and we’re the founders here. 

We started this company to help solve what we see as some of the most challenging problems the modern marketer faces today. 

  • How do you best manage technical complexity and create as close to a 1:1 experience with your prospects as possible?
  • How do you continue to grow marketing sourced revenue?
  • How do you ensure your marketing engine can drive predictable results?

As marketing becomes increasingly driven by technology and statistics, it’s harder and harder to do the deep strategy & messaging work required, and that's what you were hired to do.  All the while, managing your critical levers of getting visitors to your site, converting those visitors, and nurturing those leads to revenue.  

That’s where we come in.  We operate as your in-house team to ensure that the engine is built and tuned while you continue to fly the plane.  If you would like to start improving conversions, and creating a process that truly allows you to stand out with your prospects, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

- Adam & Peyton