Lead Management

  • Data Qualify & Append: Marketers pay good money to acquire leads yet bad data & duplicates can spoil the investment before it even starts moving through the funnel.  Creating a de-duplication and appending (data addition) process, you can ensure each lead is properly segmented, routed, and processed.
  • Lead Lifecycle Workflows: Taking marketing automation beyond simply email and web activity;  create automated field updates, automated list management, lead routing / territory assignment rules, reassigning leads that don't follow up, converting hot leads to opportunities, create a lead recycling process.

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

  • Multi-touch Campaigns / Lead Nurturing: Create the ability to automate drip marketing campaigns that send relevant messages over time based on prospect behaviors and campaigns steps; constantly optimizing for stage conversion rates.
  • Lead Scoring & Grading: Automatically qualify leads based on demographic, firmographic, behavioral, and third party data to understand the most promising prospects to ensure they are handled appropriately.  By tracking & weighting these factors you get a lens into prospect intent and can tailor your follow up efforts in ways that further incentivize the behaviors you hope to influence.  As your scoring system becomes more sophisticated you can reduce scores based on inactivity and create multiple scoring models based on separate customer segments, products, and services lines.

Campaign Management & Forms

  • Program Management:  Manage campaigns and programs across multiple channels including video, online, mobile, virtual events, and social media.  Create assets like landing pages, emails, campaigns, and lists.  Track objectives, results, costs to assess ROI of program
  • Cloning: Clone an existing marketing program to save significant time and resources 
  • Program Import / Export: Access to library of pre-built programs and ability to exchange marketing programs with others.  Shorter implementation and ability to see results faster.

Paid Advertising (Search, Social, Affiliate)

  • Audit:
    • Identify account setup, ensuring that best practices are already being employed.  Gain deep understanding of account structure, budget allocation, and settings across all networks.
    • Identify top performing segments according to business goals, and bottom performing segments by evaluating campaigns by dimension.
  • Strategize:
    • Restructure account according to most up to date best practices and prepare a new budget allocation plan to exploit top performing segments.
    • Create new keyword strategy to expand on winning campaigns
    • Develop testing plan for new keywords, landing pages, networks, and ad copy
    • Evaluate if third party data sources are necessary to further improve performance.
  • Optimize:
    • Continue to test & hunt for new keyword segments, while optimizing existing campaigns 
    • A/B test ad copy & landing page performance for continuous improvement
    • Monitor competitive positioning & keep costs in line with our CPA targets


  • Keyword List: Create an established keywords critical business. Our team takes a look at the market competition, search volume, and business relevance to create a keyword list for all marketing initiatives.
  • On-site and backend SEO optimizations: Improve web performance to achieve optimal SEO success.
  • SEO Best Practices: SEO is a long game. By leveraging best practices, rank organically with high visibility for key business terms.  We leverage proper use of meta-descriptions, reduce page load speeds, XML site map implementation, and proper URL structuring to ensure you can compete no matter your vertical.